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Jordan Boats

We appreciate that this website is "creaking at the seams" - a new website is under development - there are only so many things one can do!

The St Ayles Skiff is by far our best selling kit, with over 160 purchased in the UK, and nearly 70 between the USA, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

The prototype was launched on October 24th 2009, and the first Regatta took place in May 2010 with six skiffs.

The first St Ayles Skiff World Championships took place in Ullapool in July 2013, with crews from the UK, USA, Netherlands, and Australia.  The Champion Club is Coigach, a community of 300 souls in the Scottish Highlands.

The second Skiffie Worlds takes place Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland from 25th to the 30th July 2016.  We are expecting in excess of 60 skiffs and 2000 rowers to be present.

A fuller account of the  St Ayles story can be found here.

Jordan Boats will create plywood kits for almost any boat design.  In the past ten years we have created kits for over 100 designs from Selway Fisher, Iain Oughtred, Andrew Wolstenholme, Walt Simmons of Duck Trap, and several kits for client designs.  We also cut kits from designs by Dudley Dix, George Whisstock and Francois Vivier.

We are also UK agents for the TSCA SCAMP.

Please contact us if you are looking for a plywood kit for Clinker Ply or Stitch and Tape designs, or need moulds cut for strip plank or cold moulded designs.

We have moved!

We are now in new premises near Watchett in Somerset.  This location brings us within the delivery area of our marine plywood suppliers Robbins Timber so the lead time for kits is greatly reduced.  We will usually be able to offer a turnaround of a week for small kits, and two weeks for larger kits.  We will also be starting supplying the timber requirements for selected kits.

CNC Cutting Services

We are able to CNC cut MDF, plywood, plastics, and aluminium/plastic composites.

Please contact us for quotes on your requirements.


Boat building DVDs

Watch the sample chapter on cutting scarphs and aligning the planks here...

We are now down to the last few DVD sets. More details.


Our Kits in...

...USA and Canada 

Production and Sales of our kits in the USA and Canada are handled by Hewes  &  Co in Maine.

...Australia & New Zealand

The kits for Iain Oughtred's designs are available through Stray Dog Boat Works in Mount Barker, South Australia.


Trade enquiries regarding cutting our kits in other locations are welcome.