The Wemyss Skiff

The Wemyss Skiff has been designed by Iain Oughtred to fulfill the the requirement for a smaller and cheaper coastal rowing boat than the St Ayles.  The hull kit cost is 889 including the moulds, and for building second and subsequent hulls a plywood only kit is available for 735.

The design requirement was for a skiff that can be rowed as a single or double scull, with or without a cox.  She has been tried out in all of these configurations, and also as a pair (one oar rather than two for each rower) with and without a cox.  

To accommodate all of these configurations, the seats are movable, as are the stretchers, and with the movable rowlocks, she can be quickly trimmed by adjusting these items to suit the crew.

The kit includes buoyancy tanks, which are integral to the movable seats.

She is light, easily carried by two adults, and is potentially car-toppable.

We are intending offering a fittings kit for the movable rowlocks, seats & stretchers, and it is intended to offer a sliding seat option in the near future.  We will be adding more photos to this page in the very near future, after the skiff is demonstrated again over the weekend 29/30 Oct.

Her first launch was at Ullapool on 8 Oct 2011, in some less than pleasant weather conditions, as can be seen in this video.