CNC Cutting

With our own CNC Router, we are able to cut many different types of sheet materials - just about anything non-metallic.  Maximum size is 2500 x 1220mm (98 x 48in).  Maximum thickness of material is 150mm (6").  Some examples of the work we have done so far are shown below.

Simple profile cutting is quick and inexpensive, ideal for joiners, kitchen fitters, and signmakers, but there is really no limit to who can use this service.

This screen was cut in several parts for the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh for their Christmas 2008 production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".  Cut in 9mm plwood with 4mm backing in some areas, approximate dimensions of 6 x 7m.

Stage Set designed by Ken Harrison who also supplied the image.

We provided the MDF parts for this Stand built by Frogworks for the Scottish Development International presence at an Exhinition in Barcelona.  All the curved pieces were cut by us.
We provide signage cutting services for local signmakers, and ourselves - this example is engraved in brushed aluminium composite.  We cut lettering and logos in this material, sheet acrylic, and Foamex.
This example shows our logo carved in a Sapele board - yet to be varnished.

We can cut the lettering in any font on a computer using a V-shaped cutting bit - ideal for house names.

We are in the process of perfecting cutting 3 dimensional landscape models.  Here is a test piece showing Salisbury Crags and Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh.

This can be used for cutting models of any landscape to any scale for anywhere in Great Britain.  The detail of the data supplied by Ordnance Survey varies depending on whether it is Urban or Rural area.  Maximum size of the model is limited by our Router cutting bed at 2.5 x 1.22m.

We see this as being ideal for Architects, Museums, Interpretation centres, and any other user with a requirement to be able to actually see the "Lie of the Land" in miniature.

We are also testing cutting 3D objects from artwork available on the web - the Westie on the left was cut from styrofoam, while the ladies head below was cut in sapele.

Any of these models can be cut to different sizes in different materials.