Home Boat Building DVDs

Our first DVD on boat building is now available. 

Filmed in our workshops, the DVD takes you through the stages of building your own boat from the choice of the design through reading plans, lofting the plywood parts, using epoxy, and stitching and then taping the hull.

Copious graphics are used to illustrate and clarify many of the processes you will encounter when building a S&T vessel.

The DVD includes interviews with real life home builders who pass on their tips and suggestions for success in building your boat.

The second volume, due for release in May/June 2008, will cover fitting out the hull, making spars, laminating, and then finishing the boat.

This DVD is a really good "how to" visual resource on the ins and outs of stitch and tape boatbuilding. Alec Jordan takes us step by step through the process right from understanding the plans and choosing the materials to use to how to stitch and tape neatly and without gluing yourself to the garage floor. Punctuating the various stages of the process examples of home built projects and interviews with the builders, are used making a well balanced and informative resource.  
Paul Fisher - Selway Fisher Design

Several of these chapters have excellent graphics to illustrate the important points and I suspect Alecís careful explanation on aligning the loosely-tied hull will be consulted more than once...

..nor is it a protracted advertisement for Jordan Boats' kits; other than a brief clip of the computer-controlled router cutter in action, they hardly get a mention.
Pete Greenfield - Editor of Watercraft Magazine

Running time: 2hr 18min.
Format: PAL DVD 16:9

 Only £19.95 + P&P 

Postage & Packing UK £1.99
Europe £2.99
Rest of World £3.99

This DVD has been produced in PAL widescreen format. It will play back on standard DVD players and TV sets in countries using the PAL television system. In other areas of the world it may not play back on standard TV sets but will playback in PCs with a DVD drive and DVD playback software.

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DVD Chapter Contents


Paul Fisher discusses the issues you will need to take into consideration when you are planning your build.

Reading Plans


Alec Jordan takes you through how to read and understand plans; an absolute necessity before starting your build.

Choosing Materials

We look at the materials that you will need; plywood, timber, fixings, and their relative merits.  Also, what materials to avoid!

Workshop and Tools

A quick look at the tools you will require in your workshop.

Working with Epoxy

This tutorial shows how to mix epoxy, and the uses of the common additives that are required for its different applications in boatbuilding.

Lofting the Plans

If you've wondered how to set about marking out plank shapes onto your plywood, this chapter shows you how it is done.

Joining planks

Some people would have you believe that making scarph joints is a black art that can only be successfully done after years of apprenticeship in the wooden boat trade.  Here we show you how it is actually quite simple, and how to accurately align scarphed planks.

Stitching the Hull

We show you how to turn pieces of flat plywood into a three dimensional collection of curved surfaces, giving your boat its shape...

Aligning Planks and Hull

...and then the tips and tricks of getting them all tight, properly shaped, and ready for adding the epoxy.

Filling and Fairing

Getting the hull ready for taping means filling the seams between planks, then fairing ready for the glass tape.

Taping Seams


Taping the seams with glass in epoxy, and how to deal with the problems you may encounter while doing so.